What to think about when buying seafood to avoid getting ill

Seafood is a popular option to cook a variety of dishes all over the world. It can be fried, boiled or even eaten raw. It's also filled with good fats that are healthy for you. However, if you want to cook using seafood, it's very important that you use fresh products. Ingesting seafood that has gone bad can be dangerous, and make you ill. That's why it's important that you choose the best products available. In order to do so, there are a few things you should be aware of.

Fresh fish

Fresh fish should be sold on ice, and smell fresh as you buy it. It shouldn't give off any type of strong odour at all, but rather smell a little bit like cucumber. If it gives off a strong smell, the fish has gone bad and shouldn't be eaten. Also look for brown or pale patches in the flesh, as these are indications that the fish is starting to go bad. If the fresh fish you want to buy still has skin on it, you should also have a look at the skin. It should be shiny and appear wet. If the fish has scales, they should be lying down flat without looking ruffled or dry.

Frozen fish

Frozen fish is a great option if you want to use fish that you don't have to use immediately as you buy it. However, frozen fish can still be bad and you need to be careful when buying it. Look for pale or white patches on the flesh, as this shows that the fish has gotten a freezer burn, which means you shouldn't eat it. You should also look out for ice that has formed on the inside of the packaging. This might mean that the fish has thawed slightly before it has been frozen again, which means it won't last as long and might already have gone bad. You should also remember to not refreeze the fish after you've thawed it at home.

Clams and mussels

If you're buying clams or mussels, you need to make sure that they are alive as you buy them. You can examine this by tapping the shell of a clam or mussel that is slightly opened. If it closes as you tap it, this means it's alive. Buying dead clams and mussels is not advisable as this means you won't be able to tell how long since they were caught, meaning they might have gone bad and are dangerous to eat.