Catering Services | 3 Golden Strategies to Host Your First Professionally Catered Party at Home

If you've decided to host a formal dinner party for the first time in your home, you'll need to factor in a number of elements, including bar management, decorative theme, guest list and catering services. Each element requires careful thought and consideration to get it right. Choosing a professional caterer can save you a considerable amount of time and effort, especially when you haven't hosted a dinner before. This strategy guide will help you in your quest to throw your first professional catered party at home.

Get Your Numbers Right

The best thing you can go when hiring professional catering services is to get your guest list number accurate. A guesstimate may end up throwing your party catering out of proportion, so be sure to ask your guests to RSVP. This way you can narrow down your guest list to a specific number of people expected to attend your party. An estimate less than the number of guests will cause a food shortage, while an estimate over the actual guest number will create excessive food wastage. Giving the catering company a specific number of guests will help them prepare food in sufficient quantities for a successful party.

Plan the Menu Based On Party Theme  

Once you've established your guest list, you now need to settle on a party menu. You can choose to follow a specific theme to give your party a charming vibe. For example, traditional Christmas party menus may include roast turkey, pork with crackling and honey-glazed ham. A dinner party with an eastern theme may include kebabs, shawarma, moussaka and hummus. A typical Aussie party may include spit roasts, barbecued meats and meat pies. When planning the menu with catering services, make sure they are well equipped to prepare the food you want to serve at your party. 

Set Up a Food Prep Area

While catering services will set up and prepare most of the food in advance, they will need a specific area to prepare for service. They may also need to use your oven, stovetop and microwave for heating up food. Be sure to check with the caterers in advance so you can prepare the area accordingly. If your kitchen is going to be used up by the catering service, then you may need to move the bar to another area in your house. Ask the catering service exactly what they need before they deliver the food to your home for your party.  

Be sure to follow these strategies when hosting your first professionally catered party at home.